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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

43 tidbits about me in random ass order because I'm a gemini♊️ and its my birthday...

1- I was 22 when I had my daughter, a month after having her, I went back to school for a second degree, 4 years after that I had my masters degree.

2- I almost crashed my neighbors truck into my other neighbors house when i was 4 or 5.

3- I love space, I’ve watched Cosmos at least 16 different times, One strange Rock at least 11 times. I’m particularly obsessed with black holes, and will often text my sister late at night theories around the phenomena of black holes and how they represent aspects of society.

4- I’m the only one in my immediate family that didn’t get to shake Barack Obama’s hand, despite working for him in 2008 and 2012. I did get to shake Michelle’s hand and her hands were as soft as I imagine clouds are☁️

5- I’ve been in a long standing feud with Ghostface Killa since 1998 when he didn't want me on stage photographing him, I stayed to the side, but I'm still mad 😆

6- I climbed a frozen waterfall in Steamboat CO.

7- I was trained by Jacob Lawrence and Gwendolyn Knight on how to properly give a tour of his master work The Migration Series. I became a Harlem Renaissance nerd after meeting him and learning from him.

8- Before youtube was a thing, my friends and I would make parody videos after school, like it was our job.

9- I was the same age my mom was when we lost our moms.

10- I left work early the day Prince died and immediately got a memorial tattoo behind my ear. I still can’t listen to Purple Rain all the way through.☔️

11- I called my parents George and Martha all through middle school, because they wouldn’t let me call them by their first names.

12- I'm a vegetarian because of a bet in high school.

13- I’ve read most of Shakespeare's work.

14- I wanted to be an actor but was too scared to commit (read: put myself out there).

15- DJs are some of my favorite people, music is definitely a love language, if you love me or I you, i’m sharing music with you.

16- I stopped playing basketball in high school to save myself from knee surgery.

17- I buy books and follow along as I listen on audible.

18- I studied french for 4 years to apply for a Fulbright. I didn't get it, I stopped studying french.

19- I made 2 movies at 16 and 17, then two shorts in college.

20- I played piano for years by ear.

21- I firmly believe the Colorado Avalanche won their first Stanley cup, thanks to my superstition of eating pancakes for every playoff game they had...I had to time it right too, pancakes had to have been made by puck drop, or they would loose.

22- I thought I was half-Jewish until age 8, my mom had to break it to me that I wouldn’t have a bat mitzvah.

23- I won my first photo contest when I was 9

24- I lost my two front baby teeth by knocking them out trying to do a backflip of a diving board

25- I spent an entire day repeatedly watching the extended cuts of Lord of the Rings trilogy with my sister in our own time loop. Years later did the same thing with my daughter and Les Miserable.

26- My first dogs name was Foxy Phoebe L.P Licker Bite Lindsey, My second dog was named after Charles Barkley.

27- I got a horrible black eye at a basketball camp, it swelled shut for 3 days, I very much looked like Quasimodo.

28- The first photo I ever sold at a gallery was made when I was trespassing on federal property in Washington DC, after tripping on my tripod.

29- I’ve played just about every sport except Rugby and hockey

30- I once lost my voice eating too much pineapple.

31- I used to have Common’s dads phone number (see number 4) he was a big supporter of BO

32- I was in Odyssey of the Mind (now Destination Imagination) for years (a creative problem solving competition) and helped create a play about the fall of Pompeii that somehow incorporated Reflections by Diana Ross and The Supremes.

33- I’m legit scared of Oompa Loompas (Willy Wonka), and swarms of Birds (the Birds)

34- I first saw the movie purple rain when I was in 2nd grade.

35- I used to fall asleep with my arm sticking up...just to see if I could.

36- I had my first panic attack age 15

37- I have 18 tattoos

38- In college I would teach my friends how to hold their liquor...there's a salt to carb ratio thats important to hit first🥃

39- I was a debutante in a debutante ball with an escort, white dress, and white gloves.

40- I cut my hair short once.

41- I love to sing.

42- My extrovertedness is usually reserved for close friends and family

43- I’m allergic to mushrooms 🍄 and find them extremely interesting so much so, I’ve watched several documentaries on them.

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